Tuesday, May 24, 2011

T Paw

Tim Pawlenty, MN, announced for the GOP nomination for president Monday. To go along with his announcement he also smartly released this political ad.  I think it's a pretty good ad.   With Daniels out, Gingrich unforced error, blasting Paul Ryan's medicare plan, the popular Herman Cain showing too much lack of knowledge on foreign affairs, unless something weird happens, this is going to come down to Pawlenty vs Romney.  It looks like Pawlenty is off to a pretty good start with this ad.


eurobird said...

As I just tweeted, he is my choice for '12 , for now. Time will tell.

Big Mike said...

Right now he would also be my #1 choice...I am willing to change as I witness the debates. It could be very interesting. Thanks eurobird!