Friday, May 6, 2011

Something even more annoying than Ron Paul at the GOP debate.

It was bad enough to have the nutty (his ideas) Libertarian congressman Ron Paul at the GOP debate. We also had to deal with his cult like supporters.   As annoying as Ron Paul being there at the debate, his supporters were even more annoying.  Before the debate began, Fox News host Bret Baier asked the audience if they could hold there applause down so to give more time to the hopefuls on stage.  Well for the opening question, following Bret Baier's reccomendation the audience was very respectful of the candidates answers. That is until Paul gave his first answer.  In an  answer so uneventful, I can't even remember what the question or answer was, the Paul zealots let out loud whoops.  This continued for the entire debate. It didn't matter what Ron Paul would say, how simple or unimpressive or inane, the 'Paulites' whooped it up. How annoying was that...very too me. You might say, how do you know they were Ron Paul supporters, they could have just been a part of independent GOP supporters at the debate in South Carolina responding to what they thought were good points by Paul.  The way you could tell is because when they showed the audience, you could tell the cheers and yells always came from one corner of the audience. Everyone else [the overwhelming majority of the audience] were silent and you could look by expressions on some of their faces, they were annoyed as me.

After the many times the Paul supporters would cheer at Paul's answers, it forced the rest of the audience to then clap for the other candidates answers [as if in response to not just let it seem Paul was the only one getting cheers]

Please RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, try some way to limit those who participate in the GOP debates to those true GOP supporters who have a reasonable chance to win the nomination. I can see if this continues in the future, it could be very embarrassing for the GOP.  I can see Ron Paul making many nutty statements that will turn off independents and add to that the childish yelps from his supporters in the audience, it will embarrass us.  You know the mainstream media will love that and run with that.

Here is the way you can control this Chairman Priebus.  Make anyone who wants to participate in the debates sign a pledge saying they will support whoever wins the GOP nomination 100%.  I am against policy pledges, even those I support like no tax pledges, but this would just be a pledge every candidate should make that they support the GOP and it's eventual nominee.  That seems like a given to me. Those that won't make that pledge [like I am almost sure Ron Paul won't]  should not be allowed a place at the table.  This way, without calling out Paul by name, you can end this silliness. 


bradley said...

Agree totally-- why the he'll is that nut there anyway, he's a libertarian not a republican --- between him and bozo bad mouth thumb, the republicans may blow this critical election. Please, lets get this puppy down to pawlenty, Romney, Gingrich or anyone who has a real chance to end the Obama nightmare---

bradley said...

Trump that is, sorry for typo!!

Big Mike said...

Yes Brad, it's time for the GOP candidates with a legitimate chance to win to stand up!