Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A place president Obama dislikes more than Israel

Well president Obama is making a quick jaunt thru my state of Texas. Is he here to talk to Governor Perry about the  the drug cartel from Mexico committing horrible acts of violence near our border and the continuous illegal immigration and how to stop that.  No.   Is he hear to talk about the administration changing their mind when they snubbed the 'Space City' from receiving the retired space shuttle.  No.   Is he hear to talk to Governor Perry so he may even think about changing his snubbing  of  our request for aid from the federal government from devastating wild fires that caused so much pain in our state. No.
President Obama is here for some fund raisers for his presidential campaign of 2012, sweeping out money from useful idiot Texans in a state he has no chance of coming within 10 points of.

So, this non stop political campaigner in chief  has completely snubbed our great state, while laughingly getting big bucks to help in his re election.

The morning host on a local radio show, Sam Malone was right when he said:
"We've found a place that Obama hates more than Israel, and that place is the state of Texas."

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