Thursday, May 26, 2011

I bet you haven't heard this

We have all heard from the liberal media how Paul Ryan's budget plan was voted down by the democrat senate on an almost total party line vote.
I bet you haven't heard what the senate did next. This information from Bill Bennett on his Morning in America show. The senate immediately voted on the president's 2012 budget plan and voted that down. The vote 97-0 against.   Not one Democrat voted for the president's budget.  No one.  Has this ever happened to any president before?

This shows you how unserious the president is in reducing the deficit or cutting the debt.
Ryan's plan was passed in the house and got a big, but losing vote in the senate.  So, it looks to me like the Ryan plan is the starting point for the next budget.  No Democrat plan or president's plan has received even one vote in congress.  Check and checkmate!


eurobird said...

I suspect some twist to this story, why dems did not vote for Obama's budget. I am forever suspicious of this bunch, especially when it SEEMS they're doing something "good".
So, I will not celebtrate this , yet.

Big Mike said...

Good warning Peter....we must always be suspicious of the Dems! Especially the liberal Dems..well, is there any other kind? :)