Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How About Unifying Your Country Before You Try to Unify the World.

 President Obama's beautiful "unifying" words to the country:

 July 22, 2009:  [although I don't know all the facts] "The Cambridge police acted stupidly."

July 22, 2009:  Doctors taking kids tonsils out to make more money without diagnosing that it may be allergies..

August 11, 2009:  My health care plan might keep doctors from cutting off your foot

January 27, 2010: At the state of the union address: bashes the supreme court over campaign finance ruling

April 27, 2010: Blasts Arizona's immigration enforcement law saying: it will lead to harrassment if you just want to take your kid out for ice cream

October 25, 2010 : To the GOP: You gotta sit in the back seat

October 25, 2010: “If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying,   "we're going to punish our enemies."

Feb. 18, 2011accuses Gov Scot Walker of Wisconsin of launching an assault on unions

April 13, 2011: demagogs Paul Ryan's budget plan saying: it would make kids with downs syndrome or autism fend for themselves
So, this week president Obama is going to have another, in his never ending outreaches to the Muslim world.  Barack, if the Muslim world doesn't know you love them by now, they will never know.

I say, with your non stop demagogic blasting of police, doctors, wall street, the wealthy, the GOP, the supreme court and anyone who dares has an idea or plan different from yours, and with your pitting the races against each other, rich against poor, doctors against patients, employers against employees, how about an outreach to the American people.


The Balladeer said...

An excellent catalogue of Obama's divisiveness! I'll bet you had to leave out several examples just for the sake of brevity!!! LOL!!!

Another excellent blog, my friend!!!

Big Mike said...

You are the man Balladeer!