Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finally someone who has united our country.

Remember the hope and change guy that was going to unite our country. The one who said there are no red states or blue states just one United States of America.  Well when Barack Hussein Obama got elected we did get a lot of change [I would offer, for the worse] but this supposed uniter became the divider in chief with his non stop partisan campaigning and trying to divide the country strictly for partisan purposes.
One of the main reasons this guy got elected turned out to be a fantasy as he has divided this country more than it has ever been.  Please read my post: How about unifying your country before trying to unify the world

But these last few days we have had an awesome experience of unity that I have not seen since right after 9-11.  Democrats, Republicans, rich, poor have united in their support for the state of Israel.  This renewed support because of one man's Churchillian like statements: Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. His words, before president Obama, before AIPAC and before the congress of the United States have had people of all stripes leaping to their feet in praise and acknowledgement.   Netanyahu received 30 standing ovations from almost a united congress with his stirring speech. What a clear, concise statement of the greatness and unique exceptional nature of our country and what a statement of the greatness of Israel and the Jewish people. You didn't hear any apologies for either country, only acknowledgements of the greatness of both. You also heard a grateful Netanyahu thanking profusely the United States of America and the people of our country for the support we give Israel.  With the loud standing ovations, you knew that feeling was mutual.

Thank you Bibi for at least this moment, uniting our country!  God Bless you, God Bless the United States of America and God Bless Israel.

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