Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Caroline Glick's ominous warning to American Jewish leaders

Hat Tip: Real Clear Politics: great must read article from Caroline Glick
I love Caroline Glick's articles as you can see from my post of 2 months ago: Two Great Women in the World

Caroline starts off with how the Obama sycophants are trying to excuse his May 19th speech on the Middle East, where he said peace negotiations must begin with the 1967 borders with agreed upon swaps. They excuse it by saying this is no departure with past American administrations.  Ms Glick states this claim is exposed as a lie by previous administration statements, and goes even further saying: 
[Obama] took the Palestinian goal" and made it the US's goal. It is hard to imagine a more radically anti-Israel policy shift than that.

Caroline Glick talks about how Obama has a distaste of standing with Israel and since that speech, Obama has taken a series of steps that only reinforce the sense that he is the most hostile US president Israel has ever faced. Indeed, when taken together, these steps raise concern that Obama may actually constitute a grave threat to Israel.

Central to her article is this paragraph:
Obama's now undeniable antipathy for Israel and his apparent willingness to use his power as American president to harm Israel at the UN and elsewhere guarantee that for the duration of his tenure in office, Israel will face unprecedented threats to its security. This disturbing reality ought to focus the attention of all Israelis and of the American Jewish community. With the leader of the free world now openly siding with forces bent on Israel's destruction, the need for unity has become acute. 

Caroline ends her article with this ominous warning to Jewish American leaders [and I would add to all Jewish Americans]
The refusal of most American Jewish leaders, the Israeli media and Kadima to condemn Obama today makes you wonder if there is anything the US president could do to convince them to break ranks and stand with Israel and with the vast majority of their fellow Jews. But it is more than a source of wonder. It is a reason to be frightened. Because Obama's actions over the past two weeks make clear to anyone willing to see that in the age of Obama, silence is dangerous.
Please read this great article by Caroline Glick in Real Clear Politics: Obama's undeniable antipathy toward Israel

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