Friday, May 6, 2011

Bush Was Right!

President Obama's first major act after being sworn into office was to sign an executive order that Gitmo would be closed by the end of the year.  Well, because of pressure from members of both parties and because he realizes that would be hurtful to him politically, Gitmo 2 and 1/2 years later is still open with no ending in sight.  Bush was right!
A lot of the Democrats and Sen Barack Obama himself were outraged at Bush setting up military tribunals to try the terrorists.  So, Obama, thru his incompetent attorney general Eric Holder, said they would try KSM in a civilian trial in NYC. Well, after pressure from both parties and because Obama knew it would hurt him politically, Holder grudgingly gave in to saying he would be tried in a military tribunal in Gitmo.    Bush was right!
President Bush was criticized by many liberal Democrats and Barack Obama himself, for the Patriot Act.  That would change once Obama got into office. Well, two and half years later the Patriot Act is still going strong.  Bush was right!
Democrats, liberals and the main stream media [sorry for the double redundancy] were outraged at president Bush's use of enhanced interrogation techniques, like water boarding.  Well, it has come out that key information from Khalid Sheikh Muhhamad that led to the hiding place of Osama Bin Ladin and his demise at the hands of our fantastic Navy SEALs, came only after we water boarded him.
Bush was right!
Also, this water boarding was not done at Gitmo, but in a foreign country by what is called rendition. This act was excoriated by many Democrats including Barack Obama.  Well we used rendition to get that key information from KSM    Bush was right!
President Bush had pronounced that America would not waiver, would not falter and would not fail in the war against the terrorists.   Bush was right!
The acts hated by many Democrats, including senator and now president Barack Obama, that Bush took, have kept America safe from another major attack since 9-11-2001.  Bush was right!
I am not here to say president Bush was perfect. He made many mistakes and I disagreed with him on many issues. But no one can doubt now, that those things Bush did in the war against terrorism have worked.  Barack Obama has, kicking and screaming, kept those Bush policies in tact.  Of course, you will never see the ungracious Obama admit it, but in the war against terrorism, president Bush has been totally vindicated!

Update:  One of my great patriotic fellow tribbles, @inhuggermugger reminded me of this song by the Right Brothers made  in about 2004 as the same name as this post. Thank you Hawkeye and thank you Right Brothers for this song:


The Balladeer said...

ANOTHER excellent blog-post, Michael!! Keep 'em coming my friend!!! I'm lovin' it!!!

"Bush was Right" is a phrase that was used as the title of a song, back in about 2004, I think. I'll try to find it.

Congrats, my friend & Shabbat Shalom!!!

Big Mike said...

Thank you my friend for your wonderful words. I remembering downloading that song and will try and find it if I can.
Bless you on your Sabbath!

The Balladeer said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!! Glad you provoked me to remember that song!! Now I will tweet it as well!!!! Shabbat Shalom!!! My friend!!