Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bill Bennett: Newt takes himself out of race with comment

Bill Bennett was very upset Monday on his Morning in America radio show by an appearance of Newt Gingrich on Meet the Press Sunday May 15. David Gregory asked Newt about the Paul Ryan medicare  plan that was proposed in the  'path to prosperity' budget plan. Newt  said he opposed it  because he is against right wing social engineering just as he is against left wing social engineering. Bill Bennett said  that statement  by Newt is an unforgivable statement and with that statement Newt has just taken himself out of the race.  It should be known that Ryan is a good friend and was mentored by Bill Bennett as an intern.   Be that as it may, I agree with Bill.   For such a brilliant man, Newt Gingrich made such a stupid statement.

Update: This was not only a stupid statement by Newt it was totally opposite of what he had said about Ryan's plan just one month ago...on Bill Bennetts morning radio show;  Check out my post from April 5 Profile in Courage  where Newt not only praises Ryan's plan but says Ryan with his plan is defining modern conservatism.
What gives Newt?

UPDATE: Newt appeared on Bill Bennett's Morning in America show on Tuesday and apologized for his comments. On Greta Van Susteran Newt said he called Ryan personally to apologize and Ryan accepted his apology.  Thank you for that Newt.     I just wonder what kind of judgement this shows that your first instinct seemed to want to placate the liberal David Gregory.

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