Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bibi: Thank You America! This American: Thank you Bibi!

What a brilliant, riveting speech before congress by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Wow, that powerful speech showed to the world that Israel is the United States best friend in the world.  How many foreign  leaders have come to America to thank us for all that we have done?   How many foreign leaders have lavishly praised American exceptionalism.  He did this at the same time telling the world of  the greatness of Israel.  The one true democracy in the Middle East whose survival is paramount for the Jewish people and to maintain this beacon of freedom in a part of the world that is sorely lacking.  Some of the speech will give you goose bumps.
Bibi, what a statesman, what a leader and what a great speech!

It was a long is the finale...the final 10 minutes:

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