Monday, May 9, 2011

Barry Rubin: The Syrian Regime Must Go

Israeli Barry Rubin director of GLORIA, editor of the MEMRI   journal and also posts for the  Pajamas Media  web site, posted this on Sunday May 8:
Syria: Killing Americans, Murdering Syrians, Allied with al-Qaida. It’s a No-Brainer: The Regime Must Go

This from Barry Rubin:

What does the White House say ? [to the Syrian regime cracking down on demonstrators with bullets and tanks]     It “condemns and deplores” the violence, mass arrests, and human rights violations. It threatens to “adjust” U.S. policy toward Syria and issues sanctions against a handful of those directly involved in the violence. And it talks vaguely of a “strong” response and urges the Syrian dictatorship to make reforms.
This policy is a national disgrace. I have no doubt that the Obama Administration’s behavior toward the uprising in Syria and Iran will in future be strongly condemned. The exquisite sensitivity toward America’s enemies compared to the harsh treatment of its friends must come to an end.

Rubin ends this important article with this definitive sentence:
There is no excuse for President Obama not to utter six simple words: The Assad dictatorship must go now. 

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