Friday, April 15, 2011

Vice Presidential Poll

There are many polls on who should be the GOP presidential candidate for 2012. 
Please answer my poll question on who you think would be the best vice presidential candidate for 2012.   Not on who you like the most, but out of this list on who you really think would help the most.
Of course, without knowing who the candidate will be it is harder to match.  But try and think ahead.

Try to choose one of the list.  But if you must, you may pick two, but no more than two. 

So. please look at the bottom of the posts to answer this unique fun poll.   Thanks!


bradley said...

yes we need a moderate conservative i feel, one that really can help ticket win--if republicans put up someone who fits all the right wing ideals who cannot win national ticket, that will be political suicide not to mention usa suicide--we MUST put up someone who can knock obama and his anti-israel socialism out, even if we have to sacrifice some typical right wing ideals!!

Cathy York said...

Several of these would be great on either the top or the bottom of the GOP ticket in '16, but, since they're in their first terms as governor/senator/representative, they need some more seasoning.

I'm really nervous about this upcoming presidential election. Even with Obama's massive blunders, I'm afraid the same far-left machine that swept him into office two years ago will work their dark arts to hoodwink another four years' worth of new voters into supporting him, and change the minds of some who've become disenchanted with him.

Big Mike said...

Brad I agree totally we need to keep our eye on the prize. This election is so important that the biggest quality to me will be the conservative who has the best chance to win.. Even if that person is not the most conservative. Winning is essential this time.
Cathy, you are so correct about being nervous about this election. This poll may be moot as if it comes down as a race between Pawlenty and Romney, the winner may just choose the second place guy. I think even though he is in his first term someone like a Paul Ryan or a Marco Rubio from important states could be a boost to an experienced guy at the top of ticket.

eurobird said...

Great poll and fun (at this time, still).
My dream ticket is : Pawlenty/Rubio, but I'll be happy with Ryan on ticket.

Lisa Spear said...

I kind of agree with Cathy, although for a different reason. We need to leave good conservatives in these governor and Congressional seats. That's why I voted for Daniels - he is leaving his governorship, and is a great communicator (IMHO).

Big Mike said...

Thanks Peter and Lisa and Cathy and Brad for great comments!
One thing we all have in common is to win in 2012 and end the nightmare of Obama who improving to be in over his head on every issue domestic and foreign.