Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vice Presidential Poll Final Results

The final results from the first poll [and maybe the last  :-)] on this blog site  on who would be the best VP candidate for the GOP in 2012 (from a list I picked) turned out to have a pleasant surprise winner,

With 50 votes in:
 In third place with 28% Senator Marco Rubio
In second place with 30% Congressman Paul Ryan
and drum roll please,
the winner with 35% Congressman Allen West

Congratulations Congressman West on being the first official winner of the tales from a tribble blog

Senator Marco Rubio
  11 (28%)
Congressman Eric Cantor
  8 (20%)
Congressman Paul Ryan
  12 (30%)
Governor Susana Martinez
  0 (0%)
Congressman Michele Bachmann
  2 (5%)
Governor Scot Walker
  0 (0%)
Congressman Allen West
  14 (35%)
Governor Mitch Daniels
  3 (7%)

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