Friday, April 29, 2011

Trumped by This Foolish Statement

I posted a week ago that GOP voters should not be fooled by The Seminar Candidate Donald Trump.  Just because he brings some much needed passion in attacking the president and his policies does not make him the next Ronald Reagan.  This man who has donated money to some of the most left wing candidates ever in the past and who at one time also called George W Bush the worst president in history is now portraying himself as this great GOP conservative.   I will not be fooled.

If there was any doubt about the buffoonish nature of  this would be candidate, it has ended with the statement he made today to Fox News Channel about Charles Krauthammer:

“Iran’s not taking the oil, not if I’m president,” said Trump. “And Charles said ‘that’s impractical’. So honestly, Charles is a fool. He’s a fool. I mean, I want to be respectful. He was very nice on the phone. But he’s really a fool.” 

Donald Trump, I have to admit, for a fleeting moment I have almost been taken in by your passionate attacks on the president. But that incredible statement was a reality slap in the face. No more Mr Trump.  I don't always agree with Charles Krauthammer's opinions, but one thing I think every sensible conservative will agree on: Charles Krauthammer is no fool.  He is a brilliant, intelligent conservative who expresses his opinions in a way Shakespeare would have admired.
Krauthammer is not always right, but he is always well reasoned. His conservative credentials are rock solid, unlike yours Donald Trump.

So, you have been trumped Donald.  Trumped by your own words.

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