Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Those rich who want to pay more in taxes: What's stopping you?

First let me say I am not one of the super rich or even rich or even almost rich.  I am just a hard working American who is not into all this class warfare the Dems love to trot out.
You have been hearing from some of the rich, like Warren Buffett how he feels the tax rates on the rich should be raised. You also hear that from almost every liberal Democrat. You also heard that from the president in his disgraceful budget speech. President Obama said:
"And I believe that most wealthy Americans would agree with me.  They want to give back to the country that’s done so much for them.  Washington just hasn’t asked them to."

Why the hell does Washington have to ask them?   If they feel they are not giving enough no one is stopping them from paying more in taxes. No one is forcing them to take all the deductions allowed to reduce the amount of taxes they pay.
When asked about it I heard one of these rich people who feel that way say, 'well if I just write a check for more money I have no idea it will go to pay off the debt.'

I say we end the consternation of  those rich who feel they aren't giving their fair share right now. Lets put it in the tax code so there are no  more excuses.  I say the GOP congress should write into the next tax code  for all those in the upper income bracket two options.  They can continue  paying at the current tax rate of 36% or  they have the choice of paying at 50%.  And put in writing that everything collected above the 36% rate will go only into reducing the deficit and those funds cannot be used for any federal program.
Then there will be no more excuses for the Warren Buffet's of America. They can choose the second option of paying at the higher rate and won't have to feel guilty anymore about screwing their country..
Update:  The president just released his income tax returns and it turns out this rich president has paid about 25% of his income in taxes even though he and Michelle are  in the upper 36% bracket.  Of course, he did this legally as he took advantage of every deduction possible.  But why?   He obviously thinks he is screwing America by getting that 36% rate...he doesn't even pay that rate.  No one forces the president to take those deductions. He and Michelle obviously take the deductions to pay as little as they have to, like all Americans do. So, no more of this smug, arrogant talk of how he thinks he should have his rates raised. Hypocrite!!!

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