Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Schumer to Houston: ‘Fuhgettaboutit' --Houston to Schumer: Chuck You

When this administration, thru NASA, said Houston was left out of getting the retired space shuttle, it was very upsetting here in Space City.   Now as some GOP Texas congressman are trying to right that wrong, we have good old Chuckie, the arrogant jerk, Schumer saying this to the people of Houston: "fuhgettaboutit"

He also added this insulting remark. "When people around the world want to come to America they want to come to New York the tourist center".  He then laughed as he said, " The day that you hear people from London, from Tokyo, from Paris say 'Oh, I can't wait to go to Houston, that will be the day you can get your shuttle.'

Well, as Rush would say: Chuck 'you' Schumer.

Let me tell you something Chuckie boy.  The whole nation's thoughts and prayers were with Rep.Gabrielle Giffords, AZ  after the sick shooting she endured.  Well in her rehabilitation, her Houston astronaut husband didn't even think twice about where to go.  He brought her to Houston to take advantage of one of the best medical centers in the world.   As far as New York goes, he wasn't about to take his wife to a second rate medical city,  he was going to take her to the best.  When people around the world need first rate medical care, Houston is almost always one of the first places they look to. In fact, Chuck,  to use your words, I never hear anyone from London or Paris or Tokyo who needs the best medical care say, 'Oh, I think I'll go to New York."

Chuck Schumer, when  the 9-11 attack on New York City happened and Houston firefighters rushed up to New York City to help, I didn't hear you say 'Forget about it.'

In fact, on the local news, we found out that one of the firefighters who went to help at Ground Zero just died this January from a battle with cancer many believed originated from his work in New York.
When the people of Houston in their kindness supported all New Yorkers totally with their hopes and prayers and their generous donations to the 9-11 funds, I didn't hear you say 'Forget about it.'

When I saw Houstonian after Houstonian wear 'I heart New York' T- shirts, I never heard you say: 'Forget about it.'
Well Chuckie, many of us Houstonians will be going on vacation this year.  When thinking if that destination should be New York, I don't think I will be the only one in Houston saying: "Fuhgettaboutit!"

Added note of wonderment:   Where the hell is Cong Sheila Jackson Lee?   The lady who never turns down the chance to get in front of camera has suddenly been absent from the scene.  Why is it that just the GOP congressman around the Houston area are out there, sticking up for their city?
You usually don't want to get between Sheila Jackson Lee and a camera if you value your life.  Now, when a real issue of importance for her Houston is involved she becomes the incredible invisible woman.
Update: two tweets that sum it up from a fellow great  tribble :

Not surprised about Schumer insulting Houston - I never really understood the term"Southern Hospitality" until I went to NY. 

New York better have some tourists for all the people that want to get out of there- they lost 2 seats in the House and Texas gained 4 after 2010 census!
Sen Schumer gave his Brooklyn saying, I will give the universal saying: Checkmate!


eurobird said...

Let me tell you, Chuck, when I had to make a choice for my radiation treatment it was Anderson at Houston, the best facility in the world today.
And as far as arrogance is concerned,you, chuckey,are the best example of the New York variety which is hated by most outside of NY.

Big Mike said...

Thanks for your great comments Eurobird!

The Balladeer said...

Another EXCELLENT blog post, Michael!!! I love that you expose Chuckie the clown's arrogance!!!

Typical Dem!!

Big Mike said...

You are too kind sir! :-)

Anonymous said...

Big Mike. I would be more proud of you if you had picked a tougher target. But, you nailed the wonderful Senator Schumer perfectly. Btw, I think Sheila J Lee is lying somewhere with Schumers footprints on her back.

Big Mike said...

Yeah, that was too easy! :)