Sunday, April 10, 2011

Now Whose Side are We On?

This from Reuters: Egyptian army ready to use force

CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt's ruling generals said on Saturday they were ready to use force to end protests in Tahrir Square after troops cracked down on demonstrators overnight and sparked violence that medical sources said killed two people.
Soldiers and police had used tasers and batons to try to drive out protesters from the square, the epicenter of protests that toppled Hosni Mubarak on February 11. Gunshots echoed across the square in the overnight operation.
But hundreds defied the army move and stayed. Thousands more joined them on Saturday, demanding power be handed to civilians and calling for the resignation of Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, who heads the ruling council.
"Tahrir Square will be emptied of protesters with firmness and force to ensure life goes back to normal," the council's Major General Adel Emarah told a news conference.
According to the 'Obama doctrine' should we now call in NATO to bomb the Egyptian military if they start to use force, or maybe a few dozen rebel protestors if  they can't tell the good guys from the bad guys?

There has been people mowed down all over the Middle East, but the reason we went into Libya and not anywhere else was because  madman Mohammar Qaddafi announced he was going to mow  people down.   Now we have the Egyptian army announcing they will use force against the protesters.  So, does the Obama doctrine apply here?

Wait a second though, the Egyptian army was the entity we praised and supported in the overthrow of Mubarak.   But we also supported the protesters.  So, now whose side are we on?

With all this turmoil we have the Muslim Brotherhood poised to take command [with El Baredei as their puppet] in the soon to be elections this year.
Remember the great quote from 'The Life of Riley' TV show:  'What a revoltin' development this is.'

Will it be long before we hear Mubarak utter: 'Do you miss me now?'

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