Sunday, May 1, 2011

No Question on Where Obama was Born--Some Questions about BC.

Let me start out by saying as I have in previous posts, I am not a 'birther' and never have been. You can look at some of my previous posts where I have even called some of the 'birthers' kooks.
Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, there is no doubt in my mind.  Also, I am not showing this to revive the issue of where president Obama  was born. That is settled. I am just showing this because, if true, it does bring out interesting questions on the validity of the birth certificate the president brought out on his own web site.  I am in no way a technical geek and have no way of self verification of the facts of this video. But it does seem compelling to me and certainly very interesting.
Again, I must stress, I am not questioning president Obama's birth in Hawaii, just this birth certificate.

There are too many important issues to be even bringing up the 'birther' issue, I just thought this video was just too interesting not to show.      Barack Obama must be defeated in 2012 because of his destructive policies and his harmful actions and sometimes non actions, not because of anything in this video.


The Balladeer said...

Michael, thank you for posting this video! with the introduction that you give it!! It is judiciously written. It highlights the concerns properly, without falling off the ledge into "birtherism." Well-done.

I hope others will follow your lead!!

Big Mike said...

Thank you, Balladeer! You have stated my position better than I did. :)