Sunday, April 3, 2011

Must Read Article in the American Thinker Highlighting Another Reason Why NPR Must Be Defunded

Everyone should read this great article by Karin McQuillan in the American Thinker: NPR on a Bad Day

This article highlights the well known sickening virulent anti Israel bias of NPR.   Many times in the past when I would do a long run on Sunday and listen to NPR [helped get my blood boiling to quicken my pace] I heard first hand the one sided support of the Palestinians and their lies, and anti Israel rants from NPR reporters.  So, all this is not shocking or new but emphasizes the must that NPR be defunded completely.
The jist of this article was how NPR ombudsman, Jeffrey Dworkin in discussing the anti Israeli bias of NPR, finally admitted to anti Israel statements made, but dismissed them because it was 'only NPR on a bad day.'

From the article:

"Two months after 9/11, I was among a group of disgruntled listeners who met with the NPR ombudsman Jeffrey Dworkin to discuss NPR's anti-Israel bias. I asked him,

"What is the story hook, the point of view, from which NPR covers Israel?"

In love with his own voice, the NPR ombudsman was more honest than he meant to be. He told us, "We haven't moved beyond the simplistic view of a Third World liberation movement against oppressive Israelis." The local news head chimed in, ‘One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter." I was sitting next to Dworkin and everyone in the small room watched me writing down his words. I read back his quote verbatim and thanked him for being so honest. He immediately denied he'd said it. The woman on his other side was a tenured professor of journalism at Columbia. She cut off his bald-faced denial, with a ‘That's exactly what you said.' Dworkin had to concede but countered, that was only "NPR on a bad day."

A former NPR foreign editor Loren Jenkins is on record calling an Israeli prison "a concentration camp. There is nothing else to call it," and saying, "Face it, those Jews are colonizers."
I think you will agree with this last statement from Karin McQuillan: "It will be a good day when taxpayers no longer have to pay for NPR's bad days"  after you read the entire article: NPR on a Bad Day

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