Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Liberal Media Phonies

At work they have a TV in the break room always on CNN. So, yesterday at  break and lunch I went in there and CNN seemed like they had the same theme all day. They were so concerned about the possible government shutdown. What was their main concern if the government shutdown? They were deeply concerned about the military being paid, calling it an outrage if the men and women fighting for our country did not get their paycheck. Spare me your concern CNN.

Where was your concern for our military when you seemed to glorify in the Abu Ghraib scandal plastering it on your network day after day after day?  Everyone talks about the kook, idiot pastor in Florida who burned a Koran and blamed him for the ensuing violence from members of the religion of peace all over the Middle East. Even Gen Petraeus said his action caused potential increase in harm and death to to troops. What about Abu Ghraib?  Didn't you and the rest of the liberal media in your non stop talk about Abu Gharib on the air cause an increase danger and death to our troops?   Concern from CNN. Not so much then.

Where was your concern for our military when Sen Dick Durbin, D-IL, called our troops actions in Iraq similar to those of the Nazis and Pol Pot?     I missed your outrage CNN.

Where was your concern for our military when Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election tried to keep some of the  military votes from counting, saying they came in too late?    Where was the outrage then CNN about what Gore was trying to do to our men and women fighting for us?  

So, I don't want to hear about your new found love of the military now that your guy is president and you are trying to do everything you can to promote his re election.

I find your new found concern for the military completely phony.

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