Thursday, April 21, 2011

It Takes One to Know One

The new Vanity Fair article by James Walcott bashes Glenn Beck for his pro Israel shows.  Implying that  Beck is anti Semitic, Walcott  at the same time criticizes him as being unfair to the Palestinians 'suffering'.
Here is the main part of the article:

"His guests are Pastor John Hagee, the portly apocalyptic preacher-man, Dore Gold, notable Israeli bore, and an American rabbi whose name I will jot down the moment he says something interesting.
Of course Beck would never deign to introduce an Arab or Muslim guest into the dialogue, because their point of view has no possible pertinence in a discussion of the Middle East and their humanity would only be an unfortunate distraction, likewise the suffering of the Palestinian people, who don't really suffer, but only pretend to, for propaganda reasons.
A Christian preacher, an American rabbi, and an Israeli statesman--that's Glenn Beck's idea of "Fair and Balanced."
Although the purpose of the show is to rally to the defense of Israel, the tempo and tenor of the hour are so funereal that it's as if the cause is futile, the battle already lost.
And it doesn't help that Fox News keeps running a charity ad during Beck's show for the Holocaust Survivors Passover Box, a succession of sad, age-lined faces and wiped-away tears." 

Who is the anti Semite here?  Walcott manages to blast in his article an American rabbi, a pro Israel Christian preacher and Dore Gold, an Israeli statesman and advisor to former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
He says because of these guests, who are all great friends of Israel, that makes Beck unfair to those "suffering" Palestinians.   Mr Walcott would have been happy, I guess, if Beck had on his panel members of Hammas and Hezbollah.

Then Walcott is upset that Fox News  keeps running a Holocaust Survivors Passover add. You SOB!

I am worried that you call Beck anti Semitic, Mr. Walcott, because if it takes one to know one, you sure know what you are talking about.


KosherWineGuy said...

I never heard of this ass. Who the f is he?

Big Mike said...

I don't know...some sick writer for Vanity Fair