Thursday, April 7, 2011

If Libya Falls in the Forest, Does it Make a Sound?

The title of this post is a tweet from the great producer of the Hugh Hewitt radio show, Duane Patterson aka @radioblogger on twitter.

DP was responding to my tweet asking 'why all of a sudden is the main stream media not even talking about Libya'. It's almost like Libya never happened.  Of course, it was a rhetorical question as I am pretty sure I know why the main stream media is now silent about what is happening in Libya.

Trying to show Obama was this tough military leader they were all on the Libyan story at the beginning.  I remember this one lady anchor, from CNN almost having an orgasm when announcing that history was about to be made. The rebels fighting Qaddafi were on the move taking back one city after another.  It was just a matter of time when Qaddafi was defeated.  The talk after that story was how Obama played it just right unlike how the cowboy Bush would have done it. 

Then a funny thing happened on the way to Barack 'General Patton' Obama's coronation as this great military leader.  The rebels were attacked back and fled faster than Carl Lewis in the 100 meter race. Right after that it was like the media said: 'never mind' no story here to cover. I would say the MSM is protecting their boy, but with a black man as president I must be politically correct and say they are protecting their guy.

Make no mistake about it, if some time in the future [and I don't care how long it is] Qaddafi goes, Obama will once again be deemed this great  military genius.


soopermexican said...

great post sooper beckles. i have only one gripe with your fact checkers... hhrs doesnt have a "great producer".. they have duane!! =D

Cliff Cramp said...

I like how you said "great producer of the Hugh Hewitt radio show" instead of "producer of the great Hugh Hewitt radio show". We know where the greatness is.

Big Mike said...

Two great points from two great tribbles.

The Balladeer said...

Michael, Duane @radioblogger makes a fine point. Obozzo as a loser is no story for the media to run with. But I'm very worried the real story is MUCH WORSE than that! How much have we actually HELPED our enemies in Libya? Did al-Qaeda actually abscond with up to 80 surface-to-air missiles that they'll then use to murder civilians on civilian airliners? What would stop them? Moral scruples? Ha!!

Big Mike said...

I am worried about that too Balladeer.