Monday, April 4, 2011

Glenn Beck: I Stand With Israel

Hat Tip: Thanks Aunt Carla for informing me of this video from Glenn Beck's show from Friday.

I posted before on the leftist rabbis with a group funded by George Soros who were trying to get Beck thrown off the air: These Rabbis Do Not Speak For Me

Glenn Beck unabashedly pronounces that he stands with Israel. 
I pronounce that I stand with Glenn Beck!


The Balladeer said...

Bravo!!! I STAND WITH ISRAEL!!!! I STAND WITH BECK STANDING WITH ISRAEL!!!! well-said, Michael!!! I listen to Beck in the Morning on KRLA (when I don't have a client in the limo-sedan)!!! Good job, as always!!!

Big Mike said...

Thank you again for your encouraging comments and your support for Israel Balladeer!!

Dawn Shachar שחר said...
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Dawn Shachar שחר said...

Beck is a light shining in the darkness.