Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Dramatic Mozart

In classical music you can tell a lot of times just by the key, the mood of the piece. Most of the time a major key, like C major will almost surely have a bright, happy mood.  A minor key, like  D minor or G minor, as in this piece, will mean the piece will be darker and more dramatic.
I think Mozart was at his best with his pieces in a minor key.  This piece, his 25th symphony in G minor, is one of his best and most popular. This is a dramatic piece that displays its dramatic flavor right from the start as you can feel the tension from the strings.  Some symphonies take some time to develop a certain character, but not this piece. It grabs you right from the start.

Mozart: Symphony  #25 in G minor [movement1 ], Allegro con brio:

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