Friday, April 8, 2011

Dems Go Down in Wisconsin-Huge Breaking News!

 Hat Tip: The Hugh Hewitt radio show: i.e., Hugh Hewitt

Woo Hoo! Breaking News from Wisconsin. Big breaking news in the crucial Supreme Court judge race in Wisconsin.   
The latest development is that because of a computer error, Waukesha County apparently failed to report vote totals for the entire town of Brookfield, a solidly conservative city. According to this report, adding Brookfield's votes will give Justice Prosser an additional 7,381 net votes--and, presumably, the election.

Unbelievable! This is the first time I can ever remember in my life,  newly found votes [an entire city] went our [conservative Republican] way!  Every time in the past it has been the Dems who suddenly find missing votes...and almost all of them for their side, surprise, surprise.

Yesterday I was depressed thinking the lib Dem lady had taken a tiny lead.     Today with this elation. Friends, this is big news; not just for Wisconsin and the positive news  it means for Governor Walker's bill, which will bring  fiscal sanity back to the state. This is huge nationwide and what it means for the 2012 elections.

If the Dems and the unions who put everything they had into this election couldn't win in the once solidly liberal Wisconsin, this portends disaster for Dems in the rest of the country.
This solidly strengthens Gov Walker and the GOP in Wisconsin, which is a pretty good indicator Obama will be in big trouble here in 2012.  If as I predict now, Wisconsin goes GOP in 2012, that means Iowa almost surely goes, and Ohio and Missouri the same. I would think it would almost mean Minnesota goes GOP,  but after the shenanigans with Al Franken over Norm Coleman, I am still leery about that state.
But never matter...if Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, and Missouri are in the GOP column in 2012, which I predict right now, Obama is toast!

This news is so exciting  it inspires me to play one more time:

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