Friday, April 29, 2011


Afghan Officer Opens Fire, Kills 9 Americans 

By DEB RIECHMANN Associated Press

KABUL, Afghanistan April 27, 2011 (AP)

A veteran Afghan military pilot said to be distressed over his personal finances opened fire at Kabul airport after an argument Wednesday, killing eight U.S. troops and an American civilian contractor.
I don't know how many of you saw or heard about these distressing headlines. For some reason, this just didn't seem to grab the media's great attention. They reported it once, and that's it.
This is so, so sad news.  May God Bless our troops. May God comfort those families of these brave American heroes.  
My question is where are the comments from their commander in chief?  If I have missed them please let me know and I will put a correction update.   But as of this date, I have not heard a word from president Obama about this horrifying incident.  Not about the facts of what happened, not how a grateful nation thanks these patriots for their service and grieves for them, not any words of comfort to the families of these troops. I know the president can't comment on every soldier's death in a war, but this is such a sick massacre of our troops by supposedly from one of the Afghan military guys our troops were sent there to protect,  I think some comment would have been appropriate. 

But maybe the president  just didn't have the time to make a statement because  of his exhausting work of fund raisers and yucking it up with Oprah. 

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