Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chris Wallace Develops Into Great Interviewer

I was dubious at first when Fox News turned the reigns of Fox News Sunday to Chris Wallace. I admit I was wrong.  Chris has turned into a great interviewer.  He is truly fair to both sides and asks the tough questions to both sides.   You really can't tell from the questions if Chris is a Republican or Democrat. I don't think he is strong conservative but he is also no lefty.  So, unlike the other Sunday hosts, except for Candy Crowley, when he asks a question, it is truly to gather information and not to promote an agenda.
Fox News Sunday on this last Sunday had probably the two most impressive guests ever on one show. First he had Congressman Paul Ryan, R-WI and followed up with the charismatic Marco Rubio, R-FL.
The best segment on any of the Sunday shows was when Chris Wallace asked if the budget Ryan was about to come out with on Tuesday was about to cut 2 trillion dollars [over 10 yrs].  Ryan said more than that.  Wallace asked 3 trillion, and Ryan said more than that. 4 trillion Wallace asked incredulously, and once again Ryan said more that that.  I loved that.  There was no hemming and hawing from Cong Ryan.  He answered every question from Wallace directly without spin. When Wallace asked Ryan 'wouldn't the Dems use the budget he proposes to demonize Republicans' Ryan said yes they would and the lies they would have to use to demonize them would be shameful.
After Ryan came the very impressive Senator Marco Rubio.  I love how in this, and every interview I have seem he comes on with a big smile.  Like Ryan, Rubio answers every question without hesitation in a direct honest way. If there is any phrase that comes to mind when thinking of Rubio's belief system it is that of American exceptionalism. You can tell it embodies his whole being and way of thinking about the big issues.
Rubio enters with a smile, and like always he ends each interview with a smile.  I think the American people one day will think of Sen Marco Rubio like they do Ronald Reagan. That man will be president one day.

Bravo to Chris Wallace for becoming a great interviewer and the great host of Fox News Sunday.

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