Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why Romney care won't hurt Mitt

There seems to be this consensus forming about the un-electability of Mitt Romney for president.  Not just from the liberal mainstream media, who I believe would do everything in their power to politically harm any candidate that threatens their guy in 2012, but also from good people on our side. The issue they say that does him in is his Romney care that he established when governor of MA. Dick Morris immediately writes him off as a viable candidate. Even the great Charles Krauthammer opines that Romney is hurt badly because of it.
I hate to disagree with the poll and predictor guru Morris, and I really hate to disagree with a man whose opinion I respect more than anyone else on the political scene, Charles Krauthammer, but I must disagree strongly.

Romney's health care plan was for Massachusetts not for the United States of America. When he put out his plan as governor there was no huge uproar or even a tiny whimper of opposition from conservatives around the country about his plan, because it was for Massachusetts and did not affect anyone else in the country.

Ah, but then they say Romney had an individual mandate in Massachusetts and we as conservatives who are against that couldn't support Romney because of it. Again, I don't think the people give a damn what they do in Massachusetts as long as they don't try to force the rest of the nation to have what they have.  Romney time and again has said that he doesn't want this for the rest of the nation as there is no one plan that fits all.

Then it is argued: how can he go into a debate with Barack Obama and criticize Obamacare.  That would take one of the big issues against Obama off the table.    Romney already has criticzed Obamacare!   In fact, because he had a unique plan for health care that applied to his state of MA, he more than anyone else can say he is against Obamacare.  His state would not have been able to put in their plan if Obamacare had been in effect.   Don't we as conservatives want each state to develop their own plan and not have a one size plan fit all?        In a debate between Obama and Romney, Obama will say, 'Mitt Romney has some good ideas, in fact I agreed with a lot of Romney's health care ideas he had.   Mitt can look at Obama  and say: 'Mr president, my health care plan that I had for MA, that you seem to agree with, could never have seen the light of day if your health care plan had been in effect at the time. And that is why I, as president, will repeal your plan, so other states that have different ideas on how to address health care can implement their plans.'

One more thing, if it turns out to be Romney vs Obama in the 2012 election, are conservatives either going to sit out the election or vote for Obama because of Romney's health care plan for Massachusetts?  If they did that would ensure Obama winning and also ensure that the issue they had against Romney [his health care plan for MA because they say it mirrored Obamacare] would be unstoppable for their states and for them.   I just can't believe there are that many stupid conservatives.

I want the strongest candidate who can defeat president Obama in 2012.  I am not yet endorsing, but if  that turns out to be Mitt Romney, I will whole heatedly support him. He would have a great chance to win.  Right at this moment, with Romney's great appeal with independents, his business experience, his personal likability  and belief in American exceptionalism, I think he is the man to beat for the GOP nomination.

Hugh Hewitt, you may want to start back those publishing presses for your book: "A Mormon in the White House?"

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