Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Totalitarian liberals--from Bill O'Reilly

Sometimes, I love O'Reilly and sometimes he makes some frustrating statements.  Tonight [Monday] he came up with one of his gems.

He had on Mary Katherine Ham and Juan Williams and he defended Juan, not just from NPR's name calling of him, but also this kooky liberal lady who called Juan a bigot on last Friday's show. 

In defense of Juan, Bill  invented a  new acronym: TL   totalitarian liberals:   O'Reilly said they are "those liberals who call you bigots if you make any criticism of a minority."    I would add to totalitarian liberals it is not only unacceptable to make any criticism of any minority, it is seen as just and good if you do criticize whites, Christians, Jews who love Israel, heterosexuals, and patriots.  In fact to TL's, it shows a supreme intelect to attack verbally someone in that cattegory.  If you fit more than one of those cattegories, i.e., a white, Christian, heterosexual who loves Israel and is a patriot, you are really an evil person to a TL.  [that's my words, not O'Reilly's]

I'll leave it up to you to determine how many of today's liberals are TL's. 

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