Thursday, March 17, 2011

the tiny country of Israel

I remember as a young kid listening with pride [and chills all over my body] to the Israeli UN Ambassador saying to the UN [world] "we are but a small country..."  Maybe someone can help me out with this, but I am almost sure it was Abba Eban. What I remember at that time was that he received a standing ovation from the people in the gallery. We will never see that again in today's anti Israel UN.
I just remember at the time how proud I was to be a Jew.

What got me thinking about that was an e-mail from my sister-in-law giving me great ideas to put on my blog.   So, hat tip: my sister-in-law Francine [a great American who loves Israel]

Check out this great site: Israel size comparison maps

How tiny is Israel ... pictures can say a thousand words:

Lets compare Israel to the United States:

Check out Israel to other countries on their web site: Israel size comparison maps

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