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Please read "Forty Years in Israel" from the brilliant Naomi Ragen

This is a must, not just for Jews but for all Americans    Naomi Ragen is an American born author, playwright, blogger and just wonderful, kind  human being who has now lived in Jerusalem, Israel for forty years.   Here is her newsletter I have received in my e-mail today. And if you want a great, intelligent newsletter on issues especially about Israel and Jews, this is a must!! Please send her your e-mail to get her news letter.  Here is tday's newsletter from Naomi Ragen:

I am happy to announce I have a new website in which you can forward my articles through facebook and twitter, and by e-mail. Where you can post your comments and opinions and read the opinions of others. You can also ask me questions on what I write, and I can post answers back to you. Isn't technology great?! Recently, I celebrated my fortieth year living in Israel
--along with many of the first neighbors I had in my immigrant neighborhood.
My article begins below, and continues on my website, please just follow the link!
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Forty Years in Israel
by Naomi Ragen on March 23rd, 2011

What a day it has been! A bag filled with nails and explosives detonated
next to a bus stop near Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station, injuring 39. A sixty year old woman died of her injuries, and eight others are seriously wounded. The rest, thank God, will be released soon from the hospital. And while …
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