Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin

Woo Hoo, Woo Hoo!!   Last Friday something quietly happened that a lot of people had missed.   Finally GOP office holders with cojones.  Remember when a liberal judge put a temporary restraining order on the Wisconsin bill  that limited some of the public unions power. If you were like me, you thought, how depressing.   Sure, eventually they will be able to put the law into effect, but this totally slowed the momentum of fiscal responsibility down. 
Gov Walker and other GOP leaders in Wisconsin, have outsmarted the judge....and did it legally!

Greta Van Susteran had this GOP  official from the Sec of State of WI  office on tonight and explained how they did it.   The judge had put a restraing order on the  Sec of State from publishing the law.   Well, in WI the Sec of State is not the one responsible for publishing the bill, he only sets the date when it should be published.  He had already set the date for last Friday [March 25] before the judge had ruled.  This non political organization in Wisconsin, called the legislative Reference Bureau, is the organization responsible for publishing bills. The director of the Legislative Reference Bureau, by orders already set by the Sec of State to publish on Friday, did so.   By Wisconsin law once the bill is published it automatically goes into effect.      So, with the bill published on Friday night, on Saturday it immediately went into effect.  Saturday the government workers were already starting to get back the money that the state held to give to the union.     Now it will be up to the union to get the money from the public workers.  [good luck with getting all of it]      It will no longer be mandatorily taken out of the employees checks for the government to disburse to the unions.

They did this all without violating the judges order.  The temporary restraing order stopped the Sec of State from publishing the bill and he did not.  But it did get published the usual way in Wisconsin.  Brilliant!

Wow, for Governor Scott Walker and the strong GOP leaders in Wisconsin! 
I say, On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin!

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