Monday, March 21, 2011

Looks like Frank Gaffney might be right.

Please read my earlier post on Feb 1 of  Frank Gaffney's pessimistic assessment of situation in Egypt
A lot of people, even on our side, accused Gaffney of being a fear monger. I remember Bill Krystol on the Fox News Sunday show especially made a point about the fear mongers among conservatives putting so much emphasis on the chances of the Muslim Brotherhood taking power in Egypt. He didn't call Gaffney by name, but I've got a feeling he had him in mind. So, if Barry Rubin is correct, Bill Krystol do you think you owe Frank Gaffney an apology? 

This from:  Barry Rubin out of Israel
I want to call your attention to the event, discussed in the previous article, in which hundreds of Brotherhood supporters attacked presidential candidate Muhammad ElBaradei and prevented him from voting against the referendum that they supported.

Reportedly, security forces stood by and did nothing. As I've warned, the pro-Islamist views of many officers are now also becoming apparent. Christians report that those killed during a peaceful demonstration on behalf of a church destroyed by the army were shot by soldiers.

This latest scene is a fitting symbol of reality as compared to the fantasies of so much of the Western political leaders, mass media, and "experts." Picture ElBaradei greatly outnumbered by insult-screaming Islamists. They attack him, he runs away.

At this point--to show how bad the situation is in practice--Amr Moussa, veteran radical Arab nationalist, Israel-baiter, and anti-American is quickly becoming the best one can hope for in terms of the new regime.
For ElBaradei the turnaround happened almost overnight. He was the Brotherhood's front man but broke with them over the referendum. And now they want to break him.

So is the mass media going to start saying: Hey, we were wrong! These people are strong, organized, and radical? Or, rather, is the Obama Administration going to sink deeper into the al-Qaida bad; all other Islamists good mantra? To put it another way, are they willing to lose face for exaggerating the power of Facebook?

For the entire important article from Barry Rubin please click: "...The truth in Egypt starts to come out"


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That's what I like about you Michael, you tell it like it is and you call them out, Bravo!

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