Monday, March 21, 2011

The Little East

Has there ever been such a consensus by all the sports media that the Big East was by far the best conference in the NCAA.  It wasn't even close.      They deserved 11 teams in the tournament echoed all, and 11 teams they got.    What a joke!!!

A lot of those teams had double digit losses during the regular season...ah, but the reason cried the media was because they were beating up on each other.  Well now the rest of the country is beating up on them also.
Out of the 11 teams in, two are going into the sweet 16, Marquette and Connecticut. They got there by beating respectively Syracuse and Cincinnati, two other Big East teams. Someone had to win.
Many of the teams that didn't make it,  just didn't lose in close heart breakers, but got blown out in embarrassing fashion.

So, while the sports media had a consensus of greatness for the Big East, a lot of us sports fans have a consensus that the Big East is one of the most over hyped, over rated conferences in history.
I think I can accurately say that no conference ever has or ever will deserve 11 teams in the NCAA basketball tournament.


bradley said...

right on big mike--- i'm rooting for the big east teams to show their true colors and get blown out by the opposition! now that my horns aren't going, gotta say an ohio state/kansas matchup would be very exciting!

Big Mike said...

I agree Brad! Ohio State really looked strong. I knew they were good, but didn't realize they were that powerful.