Monday, March 21, 2011

Important but worriesome article by Ed Lasky in the American Thinker

For those of you who are friends and supporters of Israel, this could be a troubling development indeed, if Samantha Power, no friend of Israel, gains even greater influence in the Obama administration.
Ed Lasky writes this important article in: The American Thinker

As stories leak out regarding who was responsible for Barack Obama's sudden pivot from passivity regarding Libya towards military engagement (albeit with England and France being in the lead) one name has emerged as playing a key role in persuading him to push the button: Samantha Power.
Her influence might cause qualms among supporters of the American-Israel relationship. As has been covered by American Thinker and others (notably Noah Pollak in Commentary Contentions, among them), Power has been critical of the strength of this friendship and alliance. This concern should be now be heightened. Not only has she emerged as a key player in foreign policy but the rationale that was used to justify American actions towards Libya can be used by other nations - if not the United States - to justify more active involvement in the Israel-Palestinian conflict.
Read the entire article: The rise of Samantha Power and the risk of American-Israel relationship

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