Wednesday, March 23, 2011

God Bless the IDF! A must see IDF produced video.

Hat tip: My patriotic brother Brad, a great American and supporter of Israel!

God Bless the IDF [Israel Defense Force]. Now we must pray more than ever for the continued strength of the heroic men and woman of the IDF as the scum Palestinian Islamist terrorists are ratcheting up their terror on Israeli citizens. Today there was another attack by these cowards on Israelis at a bus stop in Jerusalem. A 60 year old woman has died and 39 others were injured.   We pray to God for the family of the woman slain and for all who were injured.  

Prime Minister Netanyahu and the IDF know it is up to them alone to fight this terrorism and fight for Israel's very existence as they will get no help from the rest of the world. 

The IDF has produced this fantastic and important video that everyone must see of the Israeli Navy uncovering weaponry intended for terrorists in Gaza.


Anonymous said...

I STAND WITH ISRAEL AND IT'S PEOPLE!. May that woman rest in peace and the other heal very soon. Stand your ground ISRAEL!

Big Mike said...

Thank you great friend of Israel!!!

Anonymous said...

We will keep praying for the peace of Israel and for God to continue to uncover the devil's plans.