Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't Be Diverted From This Big News: GOP in States Winning Big!

First you had Scott Walker and the GOP in Wisconsin not just pass much needed reforms and restrictions on the public unions, but then brilliantly and legaly find a way around a liberal Judge's temporary restraining order.  The Dems are back in Wisconsin with zero to show for their efforts. Read my post: On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin

Now we have the other fugitive Dems from Indiana who also fled like spoiled brat children to Illinois, coming back to Indiana with their heads between their tails.  They not only have zero to show for their efforts, they have showed all of Indianans how irrelevant they are. 
This from the Indy Star: 'What's the point.'

So what was the point of all that drama?
For five weeks, Democrats in the Indiana House based their ill-conceived walkout on the sentimental and self-serving premise that by holing up in a Central Illinois hotel they were somehow standing in solidarity with working-class Hoosiers. That claim might have had more credibility if House Democrats had returned to the Statehouse a month ago, right after Republicans pulled right-to-work legislation off the table.
But the extended boycott, with no recent victories of substance, has served only to further undermine the wayward Democrats' relevance in the Statehouse. Republicans, after giving up on Democrats' imminent return, moved forward with the budget bill and other legislative priorities. The message from the GOP's leadership was clear, and largely accurate: We don't really need the minority party to push ahead with the people's work.
I predicted in an an earlier post that if Scot Walker and the Wisconsin GOP could hold up to the attacks from the the thug union tactics and this administration, it would be determinitive in gaining control of their budget and in the strength of the GOP itself. And I said it would inspire states from around the country.      Soon after I could have added Indiana to the mix.   Well the GOP leaders in Wisconsin and Indiana stood tall and now those states, the GOP in general and America is better off for it.
The GOP in the states winning big, means America wins big!

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