Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dems: high gas prices president's fault--oh, wait a second

Wow, Dems attack president for the high out of control gas prices.  This from the senate  leader on president:  "He's been silent on the issue. He's been unengaged and showing absolutely no leadership. And I think it's critical that he do so as we go into the busiest and most troubling time of the year from a price perspective." 
Oh, wait that's senate minority leader Tom Daschle in May of 2004 blaming president George W Bush.
check out CNN Money: Dems blame Bush

It's no surprise that  the Democrat politicians are hypocrites on this.  It is also no surprise how the MSM is in complete 'protect president Obama' mode in 180 degrees contrast to their attacking take out Bush mode.

At work during my lunch break they had CNN on TV in lunch room and they were talking about gas prices. Ah, were they talking about how the gas prices are getting out of control, what part this president's policies had in making the prices so high, what is the president doing to bring the prices down?  No, they were talking about what Americans can do to keep the price at the gas pump down.
In a surprise, they went back to some oldies but goodies from this president.  Check your tire pressure.  They were actually scolding Americans for being derelict in their duties of checking their tire pressures and causing much more use of gas than should be.
So, high prices paid at the pump under the Bush administration: Bush's fault.
High gas prices at the pump under the great one's administration: our fault.
Can anyone just imagine when gas prices were rising to $4/gallon under George W Bush if someone in his administration, or someone from the media [Fox News Channel] had suggested that in order to keep from paying so much at the pump we should make sure our tire pressure is at correct level?
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