Monday, March 14, 2011

The conservative's 'tea party' vs the left's "??"

Almost from the beginning of the tea party movement all we heard from the Obama administration, liberal Democrats in congress, and the mainstream media was how the tea party people were uneducated, angry, racists, mean, violent, and unpatriotic. Hmmm, and then of course that brings into mind the wonderful, educated, intelligent, diverse patriotic protesters that peacefully entered the halls of the Wisconsin capitol.
To vividly demonstrate the difference between the uncouth tea partiers with the intellectual mob, I mean demonstrators in Wisconsin, let's look at a couple of videos.

First we have the conservative tea party movement.  
WARNING:  you may want to keep your children away from this video of  all white, angry, hateful protesters of the tea party.
You may have to turn down the volume to not hear the loudness of their anger.

Whew, enough of that.     Now let's go to the more civilized, intelligent, peaceful and diverse lefties protest in Wisconsin [Hat tip: Sean Hannity]:

Wait, you may say that's not fair. I am showing a video of liberals where Gov Walker proposed this legislation taking away some of their union bargaining power  they would, of course,  be angry. OK, you're right. I will show another video not of the Wisconsin union leftists, but a nice group of  liberal demonstrators; again notice the diversity, intelligence, lovers of free speech, and just the overall demonstration of civility that the left is known for:

Don't you just love the civility of the left, and how they sanctimoniously  tell us [conservatives and tea partiers] to be civil.
PS: Did you notice all the faces of color in the liberal protests?.....Neither did I!


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