Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who are the real flat earthers?

A little over a year ago it did something in Houston that is almost unheard of: it snowed..and you could actually see snow on roof tops, cars, etc. This is something I hadn't seen since moving down with my family from St. Louis in 1963.   Today we are experiencing  record low temperatures for this time and snow is predicted for Thursday and Friday [70% chance].  Whoa!!!    With this almost unheard of snow 2 times within just over a year in Houston, and with the last couple of years of very bitter cold weather and blizzards in the United States and in the world, can we finally put the nail in the coffin of the  'global warming' theory?  I submit this is one of the biggest scams ever committed and certainly the biggest since the Y2K scam when computer experts everywhere foretold of great problems and  disaster because computers wouldn't know how to react to the number when the clock struck 12 midnight New Years Eve 2000.  Again we have witnessed such a fraud from Al Gore and all his useful idiots.  These scammers called anyone who didn't believe in man caused global warming  flat earthers.  No, the ones promoting global warming are the real flat earthers. Just think of the consequences if their scam hadn't come undone among  public opinion. They would have been able to install a cap and tax bill that would have been devastating to America's economy and way of life as a capitalist country.  Thank God they haven't been successful.
Al Gore you won't understand this, but man has never and will never trump God!

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