Sunday, February 20, 2011

OK, music buffs, how many of you can read this music?

I can't wait until next week when the fetching Mrs B and I go to the Houston Symphony where the main piece will be Beethoven's piano concerto #3. Any of Beethoven's 5 or Mozart's 27 piano concertos are magnificent pieces at the symphony. But these are certainly not the only great piano concertos. Felix Mendelssohn has a couple of exciting piano concertos. While beautiful could be a very descriptive term for them, I think you will see in this piece, exciting is a very apt word. Now this is Mendelssohn's piano concerto #1 [third movement]. This time instead of showing the orchestra and soloist playing it, I thought I'd let some of you music buffs see the scores as the music is played. On each page you will see 4 grand staffs [treble and bass make up a grand staff]. The first and third grand staffs on the page are the piano parts, and the second and fourth grand staffs are the orchestra parts.

How many of you can follow this? Ah, if you are a trained classical pianist I know you can follow, but I want to know how many musicians that are non professional pianists can follow.

Mendelssohn Piano Concerto #1 [Movement 3] Presto:

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