Friday, February 18, 2011

The national showdown in Wisconsin

What started out as a state matter between Gov Scott Walker [R] and the state's public unions has turned, with president Obama's interjection of support for the union's position, a full bore national issue.   The stakes are high. As conservatives this is essential we win this one. Let us support Gov Walker with our words and prayers.  If Wisconsin wilts in front of liberal union thuggery, then any chance to get their state budget in some kind of reasonable position will go out the window, and this will spread across the nation as the liberals will be emboldened. But if, with our support, Gov Walker can hold his ground and not give in, this will not only give Wisconsin a chance at fiscal sanity, but every state with either a conservative Republican or sensible Democrat governor.  This could be the Alamo of fiscal sanity.  If Gov Walker stands his ground against the liberal onslaught, led by the DNC and president Obama, I think we may be saying to other states in those situations: Remember Wisconsin!

I saw a great tweet on twitter from one of my great tribble friends, Dave aka on twitter as @DBsnyder

Here is his tweet [with me filling in abbreviations as your only allowed 140 characters on twitter]: 
I suspect Wisconsin is stirring people up like Health Care Reform did.  This could resurrect the teaparty - look for a long hot summer.

President Obama has hurt himself before stepping into local situations and I believe he has again made the wrong move here that will hurt him.  In three other local situations, Obama's popularity has gone down becuase of his interjection [on the wrong side of public opinion] 1. "The Cambridge police acted stupidly" 2. Filing a lawsuit against the Arizona law and making inane comments 3. His position that he was in favor and then ambivalent and then in favor again of the  mosque being built on 'Ground Zero'.  In every one of those situations Obama's postion and his interjection into a state situation has hurt him.  While Obama has improved in the polls, I believe artificially from his 'memorial' speech, I believe with the position he has against the Wisconsin governor and in support of the unions will hurt him once again.

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