Thursday, February 3, 2011

Liberal bigotry against Christians who support Israel

On January 30, 2011 in the Washington Post Dana Milbank had this piece called 'Glenn Beck's Jewish Obsession' support of the 400 leftist rabbis who are trying to get Beck thrown off the air calling him an anti Semite. I posted in response: These rabbis do not speak for me.

In his piece Dana Milbank sloughs off the fact that Glenn Beck is pro Israel by saying this:
"He is pro-Israel, but that's irrelevant: Many conservative Christians support Israel out of a belief that it will help bring about the Second Coming. Being pro-Israel and pro-Jew aren't the same"
You are implying that the only reason Christian conservatives  support Israel is because it will help bring about the 'second coming'.  How do you know why conservative Christians support Israel. How can you read their mind? I know many Christians who support Israel and they do so totally and without conditions. I don't question their motives because I know true support and love when I see it.  And what if what you said was true Mr. Milbank.     SO WHAT?    They still would love Israel, and I submit for the overwhelming majority, love Jews.
Another thing Dana Milbank, you singled out conservative Christians, as I guess opposed to liberal Christians. So, what are you trying to say, the liberal Christians that support Israel really do it for the right reasons, while those evil conservative Christians support Israel for the wrong reasons. What a bigoted statement Dana Milbank.

As a Jew, I want to let it be known I thank you Christians that support Israel. I will never question your motives or turn down your support and love for the state of  Israel. Thank you!

You are not alone, Dana Milbank.  I have heard this many times from liberals, mostly liberal Jews who whenever they hear of  a conservative Christian who supports Israel they will talk about them disparagingly saying they really don't love Israel they just support Israel for their own Christian beliefs.  I heard this many times when I talked about my support of George W Bush.
 While it may not be impossible, I submit it would be very, very rare for someone to be  a strong supporter of Israel and anti Semitic.  On the other hand, I know many people who don't support Israel and who hate Israel and they are definitely anti Semitic.  Just a few names of who I have heard or read about their anti Israel beliefs: Pat Buchanan, Mel Gibson, Louis Farrakhan, Rev Wright, Bill Ayers.    In fact, can anyone think of someone who is anti Israel who is not anti Semitic?

This is the question you, Dana Milbank and the 400 rabbis supported by George Soros should put out. Not can you be pro Israel and anti Semitic at the same time, but: Can one be anti Israel and not anti Semitic?

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