Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is this the civil discourse you were talking about Mr president?

What disgusting bigotry from so called progressives.  The vile hatred and racism spewed about Clarence Thomas and conservatives in this video is disgusting.  You won't hear a word from the NAACP who don't really give a damn about racist bigotry against conservative blacks.  Abe Foxman, the ADL where are you? President Barack Obama, if you really cared about civil discourse in our society, wouldn't a word from you denouncing the  sickening hate speech bigotry against a fellow black man be appropriate.  I don't want to hear that these are just ordinary citizens so no need to talk about them. Doesn't anyone remember all of the talk and stories from Democrats, liberals, the MSM  [sorry for the redundancy] about speech from ordinary citizens of the tea party, when there was zero evidence of such speech.  Now we have out and out racism and hate speech on tape. This is one more story of the hypocritical double standard of the left. It also shows that if you want to see real bigotry in action, go to a leftist rally.

From John Hinderaker of Powerline blog:
"One might think that calls for the lynching of one of the most prominent African-Americans in public life would be right up the NAACP's alley, but no: when the African-American in question is a Republican, the NAACP is AWOL:
The NAACP won't directly address the racism displayed by progressive protesters outside a summit hosted by billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch at the end of January in Palm Springs, Calif..."

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