Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hugh Hewitt on possible 'disaster for the GOP House'

Posted by: Hugh Hewitt  at 6:41 PM

"This is a disaster for the House GOP.  This budget proposal validates as acceptable to the new House majority about 97% of the last Pelosi spending plan.  All the House GOP needs is a black umbrella and the declaration of budget peace in our time."
For all you twitter people, you can tweet the speaker of the House @JohnBoehner and the majority leader  Eric Cantor @GOPleader  and let them know that a minimum of $100 billion in cuts, like promised, should at least be attempted, no matter what the senate does.  Boehner and Cantor you rightly kept your word and repealed Obamacare in the House even though it was almost a certainty that it would be and was defeated in the Senate.  Now keep your word on the budget cuts!
Everyone let's deluge the GOP leadership with our tweets and calls and not let them go astray.
We worked our hearts out GOP to put you in control of the House, now please don't let us down!

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