Friday, February 11, 2011

Hugh Hewitt trying to keep GOP house from breaking Pledge to America

Hugh Hewitt on his radio show has almost single handedly been trying to keep the GOP house members from committing suicide with their about to be announced budget proposals. Hugh is right and everyone who voted for the GOP, especially tea party members need to contact their representative with e-mails and tweets letting them know we are watching them and want them to keep their word! This from Hugh Hewitt's blog

"The GOP --in campaign mode-- promised "prestimulus, pre-bailout" spending levels as the explicit benchmark in the Pledge against which to measure its success, which as Montgomery rightly concluded means the FY 2008 budget:

With common-sense exceptions for seniors, veterans, and our troops, we will roll back government spending to prestimulus, pre-bailout levels, saving us at least $100 billion in the first year alone

The GOP promised to return to FY 2008 spending levels, with the possibility of some exceptions in the areas of seniors, defense and national security.

When you don't hear GOP leaders talking about
the FY '08 budget numbers, again you know that dissembling has overtaken the caucus."

But what the GOP leadership is proposing will not cut 100 billion from the actual number of the current budget,  but will cut 100 billion from the president's proposed budget of 2011 which is  a 37 billion increase over the current levels.

Does the GOP leadership think we are that stupid. This is not keeping your word on the pledge you made. So, what if the president had a 200 billion dollar increase and you cut 100 billion from that, would that also be keeping your word.
GOP leadership that is smoke and mirrors and you will be breaking your pledge on your first action.  Please don't let down the people that worked their hearts out for you.
Rep John Campbell from CA was on Hugh's show today and he agrees 100% with Hugh that this would be breaking their word to the  American people and Campbell said if proposed as is, he will vote against it. Rep Campbell on Hugh's show announced he will propose two amendments, that if either one were  accepted would actually reduce 100 billion from the actual budget, not the proposed budget of the president.  This would let the GOP keep their word on their Pledge to America.   Let us contact congress and tell them to vote for Cong Campbell's amendments!
Please read  Hugh Hewitt's entire article


Anonymous said...

Bravo. I hope this stiffens a few backbones

Big Mike said...

Thanks, me too!