Friday, February 25, 2011

How can there be this adult conversation everyone is talking about when the Democrats are made up of children?

The sore loser syndrome seems to be  a staple of the Democrats.  Who can forget how Gore/Lieberman with their tactics after the election in FL became known as Sore/Loserman.   Then we had Texas house Democrats leaving Austin trying and failing to stop redistricting. Next we still have Wisconsin Democrats shirking their duties by fleeing to IL because the 2010 elections gave the GOP control of the Wisconsin house, senate and governorship. Now, we also have Indiana Dems crying their way out of their state, fleeing for IL.   It seems appropriate, both WI and IN Dems are fleeing to the state that finds big tax increases the answer to their problems.

So, now that we know which party is the adult party and which is the baby party, does this mean Democrats get the children discount when going to the movies?

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