Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Frank Gaffney's pessimistic assessment of events in Egypt

The last few days we have heard from a lot of experts on Egypt and  the Middle East, some who I really admire and respect, how we have nothing to fear with a change of guard in Egyptian leadership, nothing to fear from the Muslim Brotherhood, not really that extreme or influential, and anyway they make up only a tiny 20% [which seems pretty big to me] of the Egyptian population.

Today I heard a much more sober and I think realistic stating of the situation from Frank Gaffney on Sean Hannity's radio show. Gaffney said the supposed moderate Mohammed ElBaradei will team up with the Muslim Brotherhood to eventually take over the government.  He then said that the Muslm Brotherhood will waste no time, once they use ElBaradei to gain power to toss him out like tissue paper.  Gaffney said: "It is not a matter of if, but when this happens." He went on to say that you will then have a virulently anti American, anti Israeli government in the biggest land of the Middle East.  What is even very more troubling they will have the use of American bought weaponry in their hands.

This view is very sober indeed and I think poses a real threat to Israel and the world.  If this did occur, then as a side effect, Israel would be hard pressed to take out in the future Iran's nuclear abilities as they would no longer have Egypt willing to look the other way.  I fear what Frank Gaffney has to say could very well happen.
Also for days the inept, fool [who can't be gone to soon], presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs, has been saying that this administration [Obama] will not take a stand on who should run for or be in charge of Egypt, that is up to the people to decide.  Now all of a sudden today, after Mubarak has stated he will not seek to run in Sept. and that this is the end of his reign, Gibbs said president Obama had let it be known that he did not want Mubarak to run in the elections in Sept. Oh, so now the Obama administration does have a say on who should run and not run in the Egyptian elections. So, my question is does this mean we will say that the Muslim Brotherhood can have no part in their elections?   I wonder.

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