Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two areas that prove the leftist bias of the main stream media

The two areas more than any that I think prove the liberal double standard and out right leftist agenda of the main stream media are: gas prices and military deaths.

When George W Bush was president the gas prices for most of his administration were stable except for a couple of years when they had rose briefly to $4 a gallon. They came down and were actually low his last year in office, down to $1.30 at the end here in Houston for regular gasoline.   Those 2 years that gas prices rose were a glee fest for the mainstream media. Once they went over $2 and up ... every single day the media jumped on the hardships of the people by these high gas prices from this 'cowboy' in the white house. We heard over and over how his VP Cheney was associated with the evil Haliburton.   You had Bush from Texas [to the north east elitists in the media that meant cowboys and oil] and Cheney connected to Halliburton.  They talked about it so much I thought there was a sequel to the movie that Paul Newman and Robert Redford were in: "Bush Cowboy and the Halliburton Kid".      One thing, when gas prices were high in the Bush administration, the unemployment rate was under 6% for the most part. 
Now you have the media's darling Barrack Hussein Obama as president and gas prices have been rising steadily..much higher than when Bush left office.  In Houston they have reached the $3 level, but you would hardly notice, from the main stream media.   All of a sudden gas prices don't matter so much anymore.  And this in an economy of almost 10% unemployment, where these high gas prices really have to be a burden on a lot of Americans. The only difference from 4 years ago when prices went up to now is  their guy is in the white house and they have to protect him.   For me I long for the days of the 'cowboy' over this economically illiterate.

Most people don't realize that we have brave soldiers still dying in Afghanistan today. The reason most people don't know is that it seems like the main stream media really isn't that interested in the deaths of the military for some reason. Hmmmmm, what could that reason be?   Can anyone forget how when Bush was president the MSM was almost gleeful in its reporting of military deaths every single day. "We're reaching a milestone', they would proclaim. They would cover the Cindy Sheehans and Hollywood left's attack on the deaths because of 'Bush's war.' Do you remember the outcry of 'why aren't we seeing the coffins'...Bush is trying to hide the deaths going on.  They demanded that the coffins of our brave fallen be shown.  Now, with Bush not president anymore, the deaths of the fighting men don't seem to matter that much anymore.  The demand to see the coffins....gone.   Now I'm not advocating seeing the coffins now, or in glorifying the soldiers deaths more, like the MSM did under Bush, I'm just trying to point out the horrendous double standard from the leftist media.       I'm not saying this of all liberals, but to me, this proves many in the MSM and on the left never really did give a damn about the deaths of our military men. They only cared that it was an issue they could use in bringing down Bush's poll numbers.

When you think about it, the issue of war deaths and gas prices were the two issues most responsible for the drastic drop in GW Bush's poll numbers....and they were fueled with glee by the advocates in the MSM.  They won't let this happen to their guy, president BHO.


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