Sunday, January 23, 2011

This is scary stuff for friends of Israel.

I feel bad I missed this from a few days reminds me to be more vigilant.

Hat tip:

Russia Recognizes Jerusalem As Palestinian Capital
Today, Russia's President, while standing alongside Abbas in Ramallah said that Russia recognizes an independent Palestinian State with it's capital in Jerusalem.
The great irony of this setting is that Abbas is a denier of the historical fact that Jews ever settled in ancient Jerusalem -- therefore, Jews have no claim to Jerusalem. Abbas is on record as denying that Solomon's Temple ever existed in Jerusalem.
So now Abbas's views on Jerusalem are being confirmed by the President of Russia. Now Medvedev will argue that Jerusalem should be divided, meaning that the Jewish State will also have control of part of Jerusalem. But in reality Palestinians in any part of Jerusalem legitimates the fiction that Jerusalem is their capital and undermines Israel's legitimate claim to the Holy City.
The Battle to Keep Jerusalem Jewish is heating up. Please encourage your family and friends to sign the One Jerusalem united Jerusalem petition. Its one way to express support for a united Jewish Jerusalem.
This is scary stuff. Now more than ever we must be wary of all nations ganging up on Israel and forcing a Palestinian [terrorist] state on Israel [without their negotiations] and dividing [talking] Jerusalem.  For the first time in America's history we have an administration that is not a strong supporter of Israel and  I am getting extremely worried about Israel's future. May God continue to watch over her and bless her and may all the friends of Israel be vigilant and active in supporting Israel.

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